Cleanline Pure – the power of nature, accelerated by science and innovation, creating natural cleaning solutions for a sustainable future.

WKT Travel has launched Cleanline Pure* – an exclusive brand range of cleaning products made up of probiotic, enzymatic and lactic acid-based biotechnology, all of which encompass the power of nature to successfully tackle a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting tasks, whilst minimising impact on the environment.

Although the water, soap, detergents and disinfectants that are washed down the sink or flushed down toilets pass through water treatment plants, some of these chemicals manage to get through the net, causing harm to aquatic plants and animals.  For example, phosphates trigger algae growth, which reduces the oxygen level in lakes and rivers, reducing biodiversity and killing marine life.

Other traditional cleaning chemicals can stunt growth or cause infertility in animals. Furthermore, the production of these synthetic chemicals is energy-intensive, releasing large volumes of carbon dioxide, a well-known greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. The range of Cleanline Pure professional cleaning products do not contain quaternary ammonia (QACs or ‘quat’), parabens, triclosan, chlorine, bleach or any other harmful ingredient that is not found in nature.

Lactic acid is an organic acid that has biocidal efficacy, which means it has the ability to eliminate harmful pathogens. The use of this naturally-derived natural ingredient is becoming widely used because its efficacy for germ-kill, and its kindness to surfaces, equipment, and skin. The lactic acid-based Cleanline Pure products do not leave harmful or sticky residues on surfaces, unlike many traditional actives such as quat, that need the additional rinsing process.

Probiotic cleaning uses natural friendly bacteria that has no detrimental impact on land and sea life. Cleanline Pure probiotic products are made using Bacillus bacteria which, in some cases, even promotes healthier environments. Microbial products have the added benefit of a reduction in allergens which is particularly important in a working environment as well as at home.

Cleanline Pure formulations have no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. The bacillus used in Cleanline Pure is derived from plants and not animal sources. The raw ingredients are sourced from renewable resources and the small percentage that are not are offset. All ingredients are plant-derived from renewable resources and not petro-chemicals, reducing demand for fossil fuels, and all fragrances are 100% naturally-derived essential oils.

Sanitisers in the Cleanline Pure range are externally tested and approved by third party independent and accredited labs. Biocidal efficacy contact time is market leading at 30 seconds for bactericidal and virucidal. All sanitisers conform to EN 1276 (bacteria) and EN 14476 test standards (viruses).

The suite of Cleanline professional cleaning products (Cleanline, Cleanline Eco and Cleanline  Pure) prides itself on offering customers complete and transparent test data for all its biocides. Promoting transparency, Cleanline Pure is no exception, with market-leading contact times for disinfection and ground-breaking concentrations that bring efficiencies and cost savings to travel operators, whilst significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with transporting heavy ready-to-use products.

Many cleaning products do not list the important details of their test data, such as the test conditions or contact time. Cleanline Pure prides itself on being completely forthcoming with all of this important information. This enables customers to see the true efficacy of the product and understand the correct process to ensure the required biocidal activity for their environment.

Manufactured and bottled in the UK, minimising carbon footprint, Cleanline Pure bottles are individually labelled with end-of-life instructions for disposal. Trigger heads contain no metal parts and are recyclable along with the bottle. Bottle containers can be easily rinsed and placed in mixed recycling to be identified and segregated at an MRF(Mixed Recycling Facility) and re-entered into the supply chain.

For more information about Cleanline Pure please contact us – or click here to view the full brochure.

*Cleanline Pure is an exclusive brand of Bunzl UK & Ireland.


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