Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future

WKT Travel understands the importance of sustainability and the leading role it plays in the travel industry. Our Sustainable Future programme drives communication, collaboration, and stakeholder engagement on a range of sustainability issues and is underpinned by long-term objectives to deliver UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which provide a clear path for continual environmental improvement.


Dedicated Sustainability Team

We have two dedicated sustainability professionals. Appointed in 2019, Justin Turquet leads the divisional sustainability team, supported by Katie Borton in the role of sustainability co-ordinator.


Sustainable Product Brands

As part of our Sustainable Future programme, WKT Travel also offer products from the Sustain and Revive range of exclusive brand sustainable food packaging options:

Revive is a range of foodservice packaging made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials and/or recyclable as defined by OPRL or WRAP. Revive products hold migration testing certification and confirmation for suitability for direct contact with food. All recyclable products should be placed in a dedicated recyclables bin to ensure they are sent to a material recovery facility for recycling.

Sustain is a range of foodservice packaging made from renewable resources and/or compostable with EN13432 certification. Sustain products labelled compostable are fully compostable in commercial composting facilities and will break down into reusable compost within 12 weeks. All compostable products should be placed in a dedicated compostables bin to ensure they are sent for composting.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

As part of Bunzl Catering & Hospitality Division, WKT Travel holds ISO 14001 accreditation – which means we have implemented and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS).


Efficient Operations and Distribution

In October 2021, Bunzl plc announced new, long-term carbon efficiency targets across the group for our scope 1 and 2 emissions that are aligned to climate science and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) guidance, these are:

  • 25% improvement in carbon efficiency by 2025
  • 50% improvement in carbon efficiency by 2030

In 2022, we will work to have these targets approved by the SBTi and will also be including our scope 3 emissions as part of this process. In conjunction with this, we have committed to the Business Ambition for 1.5⁰ campaign and joined the UN’s Race to Zero initiative. Longer-term targets include 100% renewable energy procurement across the Bunzl Group by 2030 and Net Zero (across scope 1, 2 and 3) by 2050 at the latest.

These ambitions add to our existing commitments to reducing our impact on the environment, we will continue to seek to reduce the amount of fuel used by our fleet by using the most energy efficient vehicles, routing systems and improving drivers’ skills.

We are also working to reduce the electricity we use for lighting our warehouses by using available technologies and where possible appropriate building modifications. We only heat warehouses where necessary, due to regulations or weather conditions.


Sustainable Future Report

Bunzl Catering & Hospitality Division publishes three interim and one full Sustainable Future report each year, a key part of its market-leading communication strategy on sustainability. Designed to keep the hospitality industry up to date with best practise and innovation, the reports features significant sustainability initiatives undertaken by the business and reports on continuous environmental improvement in line with objectives to deliver UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Customer Forums

Committed to providing our customers with regular, transparent information on sustainability, we continue to host our popular Sustainable Future customer forums. The forums provide a collaborative platform for our travel operator customers to take part in robust and engaging discussion on the impact of government legislation and reform in the travel industry, as well as introducing customers to the next generation of material and product innovation being developed for the travel industry.


Bunzl plc Environmental, Social and Governance

Bunzl plc corporate governance report 2022:

At Bunzl, sustainability is an important part of our culture and the way we do business. Our sustainability strategy is aligned to the Company’s strategic framework and is fully supported by the Board and the Group as a whole. Through our sustainability strategy, we aim to deliver long term sustainability for our stakeholders, while impacting positively on society and protecting the environment.

The Board believes that a socially and environmentally sustainable and responsible business and an inclusive and collaborative culture are critical to creating value and to making the Group more commercially successful in the long term, for the benefit of all our stakeholders. Bunzl’s reputation for high standards of responsible and sustainable business conduct is something that we are extremely proud of and we will continue to pursue our sustainability ambitions to ensure that this reputation is upheld.

Read the full report here.