Award-winning kp Infinity® top seal trays

The award-winning kp Infinity range now includes top seal trays for food-to-go. The fully recyclable trays have a low carbon footprint, keep food hotter for longer and stay cool to the touch. The artisan trays weigh less than traditional sealable options and are resistant to acids, alkalis and hot oils.

Exceptional insulating properties on the top seal trays keeps food hotter for longer by more than 10°C compared with alternative packaging solutions. They have a low heat transfer rate, retaining heat inside the packaging while keeping the outside cooler to the touch.

As a plastic, the trays are naturally waterproof with no need for extra coatings or additives to keep them stable and robust and to maintain food quality. Also, the high quality plastic packaging is easily and commercially recycled across the recycling process into a range of items, including other packaging, furniture and flooring.

Lightweight compared to alternative materials, these top seal trays maintain durability with the added benefit of a lower carbon footprint. Allowing food in the pack to be reheated while maintaining food safety and protection, these top seal trays are resistant to acids, alkalis and hot oils. This quality helps food retain heat and cuts down the risk of leakage and odour transfer.

kp Infinity® top seal trays are available in a 1-compartment and 2-compartment format in sizes 650ml and 1000ml sizes. Suitable for peel and anti-fog films, these top seal trays work with existing sealing equipment and can be used as a drop-in replacement for rigid PP standard sizes.

A trusted supplier of WKT Travel, kp produces plastics in rigid films, rigid trays and flexible films across 21 manufacturing sites in 14 countries worldwide. For more information about the award-winning kp Infinity range from WKT Travel, please contact us today – or click here.

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