Made from agricultural waste fibres, the leaves and stems left in a field after crops are harvested, ‘Sustain’ paper SOS Agri Bags have a carbon footprint 28% lower than a standard paper bag made from virgin material, additionally the bag is made from renewable sources and is fully recyclable.

Joining the ‘Sustain’ range of compostable and/or renewable food packaging solutions, the new Agri Bag brings innovation in material design to the market, with it’s unique agricultural waste fibre content. The material agri-waste is the name used to describe plant based agricultural by-products, from crops like straw, which are pulped and used to create paper products such as the new ‘Sustain’ Agri Bag.

‘Sustain’ is an exclusive brand from WKT Travel that is sourced and manufactured in an ethical and responsible way, with supplier performance audited against many commercial and social measures to ensure the products are fit for purpose with the relevant ethical and legal compliance. Manufactured from renewable resources, Sustain food packaging is made up of components or materials that are derived from natural sources that can be managed responsibly so that they will replenish or regenerate.

Made from renewable sources, the ‘Sustain’ Agri Bag is suitable for chilled and ambient wrapped foods, but not suitable for direct food contact, or microwaveable.  Once used, the ‘Sustain’ Agri Bag has the added benefit of being 100% recyclable in a paper waste stream.

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