An advanced Hygienic Hand Rub in a single 3 mL dose.

WKT Travel is offering its customers in the hospitality industry PURELL® PERSONALS™ – an Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub from GOJO Industries-Europe, packaged in a single 3 mL dose.

A unique, convenient package provides PURELL® Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub in a single 3 mL dose, that kills 99.99% of most common germs that may be harmful. It has even been proven to be active against viruses from just 30 seconds according to EN 14476.*

  • Convenient Sanitising – Offer easy hand hygiene options around your facility.
  • Portable – These single-use packets make it easy to take PURELL sanitiser with you when you need it most.
  • Gentle and effective – Formulated with mild and effective ingredients including moisturisers and skin conditioners.

GOJO Industries-Europe is a leading producer and marketer of skin health and surface hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings. Founded in 1946, GOJO is a family owned company with a wealth of experience in the hygiene industry and carries internationally recognised brands, including PURELL® – one of the most trusted brands for skin sanitising.

PURELL sanitiser was invented in 1988 by GOJO in the USA to meet the needs of healthcare providers and restaurant operators looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs. Healthcare workers needed to kill germs on their hands when they couldn’t get to soap and water. And restaurant operators needed extra germ-fighting protection to reduce the risk of food contamination.

PURELL sanitiser was a great success, not just because it was effective at killing 99.99% of most common germs, but because it was convenient, gentle and a pleasure to use. The dispensers and bottles could be placed anywhere, so hand hygiene was no longer restricted to the confines of a sink. And people enjoyed using PURELL Hand Sanitiser because it was refreshing and gentle.

PURELL sanitiser remains one of the most recognised brands in the world. For more information about PURELL® PERSONALS™ please contact us – or click here.

* Tested against surrogate virus according to EN 14476 standard.

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