Cleanline Eco Ultra-One Multi-Purpose Sanitising Wipes

Exclusive brand Cleanline Eco, from WKT Travel, has launched the Ultra-One Multi-Purpose Sanitising Wipe, made from responsibly sourced 100% viscose material, the wipe contains a blend of natural organic ingredients, including peppermint oil and lavender oil. As part of the award-winning Cleanline Eco range of sustainable cleaning products, the Ultra-One Wipe is aligned to the Eco Star standard, with the primary objective to promote responsible consumption and production, aim to protect life on land and water, and be effective for professional use.

The Ultra-One Wipe provides a sustainable alternative to traditional wipes, and significantly, the wipe’s reusable tub can be refilled from a refill pouch to reduce plastic packaging waste by up to 85% on each occasion. Made from responsibly sourced 100% viscose material derived from tree pulp, the Ultra-One Wipe has a non-hazardous, plant-based formula containing a blend of natural organic ingredients including lactic acid, tartaric acid, peppermint oil and lavender oil.

In addition to its sustainability credentials, the highly versatile Ultra-One Wipe boasts superb efficacy in a wide range of tasks and areas in a professional hospitality environment. Designed to swiftly clean and disinfect multiple hard surfaces, tackling heavy grease and grime with ease, the Ultra-One Wipe is proven to kill 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses in just 60 seconds. The wipe is also independently tested and certified to a range of test standards including EN 1276, EN 13697, EN 1650 and EN 14476.

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